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NEW! Monthly Heritage Tours of the Baths and Underground Tunnels

You’ve probably been to the Baths, but have you been on one of our fascinating history tours, or down into the underground tunnels yet?

Well, this year we are running a monthly Sunday afternoon heritage tour where you’ll get to see behind the scenes; going up on the balcony and down into the Deep End of the pool and along the tunnels to the original well. If you don’t fancy the ‘hard hat’ tunnel experience, there is plenty to hear about, learn and enjoy on the tour above ground.


Join us for a fascinating journey into the history of Stirchley’s most iconic historic building from 1903 to present day. Pre-booking is essential. £3 per person. Please book before the Friday of that Sunday’s tour date. Everyone welcome, but please note, only children aged 6+ can go down into the tunnels for safety reasons.

Please wear sensible shoes for the tunnels and probably best not to wear your Sunday best as the tunnels are dirty and dusty!

Tour starts 2pm. Please arrive five minutes early. The tour will be finished by 3.30pm.

All proceeds will be used to support Stirchley History Group. Please bring exact money if possible or write a cheque for £3 to Stirchley History Group.

Tour dates for 2017 are:

  • Sunday 19 Mar
  • Sunday 23 Apr
  • Sunday 21 May
  • Sunday 18 Jun
  • Sunday 23 Jul
  • Sunday 20 Aug
  • Sunday 17 Sep
  • Sunday 8 Oct
  • Sunday 19 Nov
  • Sunday 17 Dec

Please book through email: , telephone: 0121 464 9072 or through twitter @StirchleyBaths or facebook/StirchleyBaths

Hope you can join us!

Memories & Memorabilia: collecting Stirchley’s History

Do you, or a member of your family, have memories of living in Stirchley in days gone by? We’d love to meet you! Pop in to meet members of Stirchley History Group at the Baths on Saturday 25 March; chatter about the past, share your personal stories about the area, bring in your memorabilia, and enjoy a trip down memory lane over a cuppa.

More details on the poster.

Moving Forward in Local History

Stirchley History Group invites you to help shape our future! At our next meeting on Wednesday 7 December we plan to become a formally constituted organisation so that we can operate our own finances, join national networks, apply for external funding and plan for the long term.

Advert for the December 2016 meeting of Stirchley History Group
Advert for the December 2016 meeting of Stirchley History Group

The group began 18 months ago as a heritage project of Stirchley Baths, and we intend to continue that close relationship. We produced a history leaflet and acted as tour guides when the building opened, and have taken part in other events such as Splash Back In Time and the Fun Palace day. Stirchley Baths is an everyday reminder of the connection between past, present and future, and that’s something worth celebrating.

Members of Stirchley History Group at the opening ceremony of Stirchley Baths
In at the beginning: we acted as guides when Stirchley Baths re-opened


Learning about bathtime in the tin bath
The tin bath was a hit at the Fun Palace day

Through excellent guest speakers we’ve learned about the history of swimming and washing baths and how to research the history of our own houses, and have become more observant of “ghost signs” – the relics of adverts painted on walls around the area. We’ve established a social media presence and collected material for some local walking tour leaflets… and we want to do so much more to discover and promote an awareness of our past.

Everyone is welcome to come along on 7 December and be part of our continuing journey.

Former Swimming Club member Sandra with her quote on the wall of the Cinema Room
Sandra has contributed her memories to Stirchley Baths and the History Group