It is important that all our visitors have a comfortable visit to Stirchley Baths. We hope that you find the information in this page useful to help plan your visit.

Finding Stirchley Baths

By Car 

Stirchley Baths is located on the corner of Bournville Lane and the main A441 route (Pershore Road). It is on a one-way system heading towards the city centre. Postcode for satnav is B30 2JT.

Car parking

Immediately after the Baths (and Friends Meeting House) and before Farmfoods there is the entrance to the car park. There are two accessible parking spaces.

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By Train

Bournville Train Station is located further up Bournville Lane. The exit onto Bournville Lane is accessible by a large flight of steps. Turn right, under the bridge and continue to the end of the road. The Baths are on the corner. The platform exit onto Mary Vale Road is ramped. Turn left and head towards the (main) Pershore Road. Turn left and continue until you reach Bournville Lane. The Baths are opposite.

By Bus 

The Baths are served by bus routes 45 and 47. The nearest stops are opposite the British Oak pub on your right, travelling from Cotteridge, or outside The Co-Op heading into the city centre. Bus routes 38 and 27 stop at the top of Bond Street and opposite on the corner of Bournville Lane.



 Accessing the Building

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Access to the main entrance is via three external stone steps. There are handrails either side. Once inside the building there are another two steps up into the reception area.

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There is an alternative ground level entrance through the cafe. You can access this either from the car park, or by continuing up Bournville Lane (left if you are facing the front entrance).

Entry from the car park to cafe entrance consists of a ramp which takes you to ground level. Continue approx. 10 metres and the cafe entrance will be on your left.

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Please be aware that there are raised bricks in the middle of the path in front of the cafe door, but smoother surfaces either side.

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Inside Stirchley Baths

There is level access throughout the ground floor of the building. This does include some gently sloping corridors. Please note the doors which intersect the corridors are heavy fire doors. Please ask a member of staff for assistance should you require it.

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Rooms in Stirchley Baths

Main Hall
Main Hall
The Cafe
a room with table and a skylight
‘Cinema’ room
Small Community Room
Small Community Room
Community Room
Community Room


There are two sets of male/female toilets and an accessible toilet. There are also two baby change areas.

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Hearing Induction Loops

There are hearing induction loops at reception in the original ticket kiosk, the ‘cinema’ room and the main hall. Please ask a member of staff to ensure that these are switched on.

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Stirchley Baths enjoys lots of natural light thanks to its roof lanterns in the main hall, cafe and ‘cinema’ room. There are a range of different roof and pendant lights with dimmer switches in each room.

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If you require any further information about access, please email  or call us on 0121 464 9072.