What should the Stirchley Baths community hub be called?

As you’re hopefully aware by now, the vision for Stirchley Baths is to transform the building into a community hub with meeting rooms, community spaces, hall, cinema and more (you can have a look at the plans – which were granted planning permission last week – HERE).

The term ‘community hub’, however, is only a working title and doesn’t say anything about the building’s heritage or history.

So what should it be called when – if the Heritage Lottery Fund bid is successful – the new facility opens in October/November 2014?

We posed this very question on Twitter and Facebook recently and got these ideas:

Stirchley Baths Centre (@edsmyth76 on Twitter)

Community Life Centre (@Clueless_Morgan)

Stirchley Community Centre (@Stirchleyonline)

The Plug (!) – from Graeme Rose on Facebook

Someone on Twitter suggested – in the spirit of positivity and with a nod to the building’s aquatic heritage – The Half Full!

What do you think the community hub should be called? 

Send an email to stirchleybaths@gmail.com, pop it on our Facebook page here or tell us on Twitter using @stirchleybaths or #stirchleybaths. Or you can leave a comment on the website too.

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