A Heritage Map of Stirchley and the rest of Birmingham

a black and white image of a double decker tram pasing a pub on the Pershore Road in Birmingham
A Tram passes the British oak (now Grade II Listed) on the Pershore Rd. Image courtesy of http://www.photobydjnorton.com/ – please click through to see many more fine images of Brum

We first picked this up over on a new Brandwood blog, but it’s interesting for Stirchley.

Heritage Map of Stirchley
Heritage Map of Stirchley

It lists

  • Stirchley Baths
  • 15 and 17 Hazelwell Street (Grade II)
  • The British Oak – including it’s Garden Loggia
  • Stirchley Library

Click through to here to have a closer look and and explore.  The heritage map of the city was created last year by  Mappa Mercia:

Finally, after a couple of years surveying listed buildings, parks and gardens an public artworks, amassing along the way a vast collection of photos; we’ve managed to get a prototype map showing everything of “heritage”  or “cultural” status in the West Midlands.

Mappa Mercia is a mapping project run by volunteers – who’ve created a free to use map of all of Birmingham and much of the world.

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