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It has to be a yes – Mick Jones from stirchley.co.uk

Mick Jones runs the excellent stirchley.co.uk website for the village. Here’s why Mick thinks the Heritage Lottery Fund decision for Stirchley Baths – due imminently – has to be a yes…

“Stirchley Baths is a beautiful building which has shamed Stirchley for over 20 years through neglect. Regeneration, however, means a focal point so necessary for the wellbeing of a village, somewhere to go with children, adults and the vulnerable.

Stirchley website

I hope there will be dances, not necessarily discos but the sort of dances that families can attend, barn dancing where one can go without a partner. There will be rooms for discussion groups, clubs and meetings.

Throughout the country there are beautiful village halls that are economical to hire, meaning the community can put on a play, a dance or a party, for the community.

We in Stirchley need this facility in what is, after all, a heritage building, married to the library and next to a small park. Could anyone ask for a better location?”

The decision from HLF is expected very soon. Please tell us why it *has* to be a ‘yes’ by: