Community Stakeholder Meeting Notes – part 2 – ideas for the activity plan.


Some ideas for involvement from the feedback..(no particular order and not exhaustive)

  • Oral History of activity currently going on – so we can create a record for tomorrow’s history.  Including ensuring this is collected in a more structured way.
  • WW2 Evacuation zone – pool covered – story of that
  • Audio visual displays with snippets from the whole history of the baths.
  • Theatre production – perhaps concentrate on one or two areas e.g. Dance in the 1940’s
  • Stories of the wildlife that occupied the building whilst it was derelict
  • The social importance of the baths when it was first opened – why it mattered to health
  • Heavy petting?
  • Re capture the tile designs
  • All parts of the history are important – I particularly love the fact that people used to cover the pool and dance.
  • Stirchley the musical
  • Changing identity of Stirchley – including Hazelwell swallowed up by Bournville
  • Kings Norton and Northfield UDC
  • Donation of the site by Cadbury in 1903 and history of Corporate Philanthropy
  • Nudists had one evening a week for skinny dipping –  (we think it was Tuesday)
  • Interactive map of activities you can do at the community centre to encourage people to get involved
  • Can the original oak kiosk be restored?
  • Verrucas!


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