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Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum, 11th March: working on a heritage activity plan for Stirchley Baths

As part of the second-stage Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) bid for the Stirchley Baths project, Suzanne Carter from the Birmingham Conservation Trust is putting together a plan of activities and events focused on the history of the building.

A successful bid – as well as seeing the building transformed into a community hub – will also provide funds for the heritage activity plan. The building will not be a swimming pool but we need to keep its history and heritage alive for current and future generations of Stirchley people.

One idea discussed at the Neighbourhood Forum on 11th March at Stirchley Community Church was a Stirchley History Group. There was a really good group discussion, after a presentation by Suzanne, where people considered how a History Group could work and the wealth of community groups in the village and wider partners who could be involved.

Would you like to be involved in a Stirchley History Group? What other heritage activities would you like to see as part of the Stirchley Baths project? Please email stirchleybaths@gmail.com – pop it on our Facebook page here or tell us on Twitter using @stirchleybaths or #stirchleybaths

Many people at the Neighbourhood Forum also added their hands to the community art challenge that is designed to show the Heritage Lottery Fund the support in Stirchley for the baths project. The hands – complete with messages of support – will be displayed around Stirchley Baths on Saturday 6th April. Lots more information and how you can get involved HERE.

Community Stakeholder Meeting Notes – part 2 – ideas for the activity plan.


Some ideas for involvement from the feedback..(no particular order and not exhaustive)

  • Oral History of activity currently going on – so we can create a record for tomorrow’s history.  Including ensuring this is collected in a more structured way.
  • WW2 Evacuation zone – pool covered – story of that
  • Audio visual displays with snippets from the whole history of the baths.
  • Theatre production – perhaps concentrate on one or two areas e.g. Dance in the 1940’s
  • Stories of the wildlife that occupied the building whilst it was derelict
  • The social importance of the baths when it was first opened – why it mattered to health
  • Heavy petting?
  • Re capture the tile designs
  • All parts of the history are important – I particularly love the fact that people used to cover the pool and dance.
  • Stirchley the musical
  • Changing identity of Stirchley – including Hazelwell swallowed up by Bournville
  • Kings Norton and Northfield UDC
  • Donation of the site by Cadbury in 1903 and history of Corporate Philanthropy
  • Nudists had one evening a week for skinny dipping –  (we think it was Tuesday)
  • Interactive map of activities you can do at the community centre to encourage people to get involved
  • Can the original oak kiosk be restored?
  • Verrucas!