Farewell Stirchley Community Centre

Stirchley Community Centre closed its doors on the 14th March
to allow the development of a new TESCO supermarket.


Sue Jackson’s farewell poem.


Farewell Stirchley Community Centre

A sad. sad day for everyone
No matter what the occasion
Emotions run high when saying goodbye, but,
You’ll all meet again in a brand new location

Mel is a’ mopping. T Dancers are bopping
The toddlers are playing in the hall
Stitchers are sewing, the place is just glowing
No one wants to leave at all

David massaging, the staff are all charming
Soccer Stars having a ball
Nassar’s children are chanting, makes you feel just like dancing
The atmosphere a welcome to all

Shambuyi  is preaching,  Ghana Union are meeting
And STELLA are  laughing with glee
Martial Arts is exciting, self defence is enlightening
Then a break for a nice cup of tea

Table tennis balls pinging,  they sound like their singing
Shuttlecocks high in the air
The Alliance are meeting and Pilgrims are eating
Their cake – it’s a private affair

New venues were found after shopping around
Don’t  get  too comfy that’s all
Groups are welcome back, there’s no doubt about that
The new centre means total recall


Sue Jackson on the final day.

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