Stirchley baths Time Capsule

Below is a video of the opening of a time capsule that was buried at the old Stirchley community centre, the building  was closed down last year. (2013)

Jess Allen is taking the video and Brenda Thomas, Sandra Cooper and Peter Walker, are giving us a description of its contents.

The Capsule was buried in the old community centre in 1989 and judging by some of the contents wasn’t expected to be discovered for at least another 25 years.

The time capsule will be buried in the new community centre which will be part of the Stirchley baths development, it  will possibly include  this video and other memorabilia from present times.


  1. sue forx says:

    It was St Andrews church playscheme who put most of the time capsule together. The photos are from the groups that ran at St Andrews and I was the community worker at the time. Somewhere there is a photo from the evening mail of us burying the capsule.

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