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Social Media Surgery for Stirchley Baths volunteers and local community groups,

Stirchley Communty Baths Stakeholder Event

In the coming months we’ll be working with Podnosh to deliver a series of Social Media Surgeries to support volunteers involved with the Stirchley Baths project, alongside other local community groups, make better us of Social Media,

These informal session with be held in P Cafe 1464 Pershore Road to begin with and will hopefully move into the Baths as we get progress. Working one one one as far as possible. There’ll be no lectures, just people with knowledge, ideas and a passion to help you make best use of the internet for your group or organisation, Currently sessions are due to run  5:30pm -7pm on the following dates

To register to attend any (or all) of  them, click on the dates above or visit  the the Social Media Surgery website.