A tour of Stirchley Baths. July 2014

Local groups in Stirchley were invited to see how renovation work is progressing inside Stirchley Baths.

Although in its early stages, the work undertaken so far is:

The removal of asbestos,  making the building safe structurally, so that work can be carried out.

The removal of the roof to enable access to a crane, which arrived just before our visit, and the erection of internal scaffolding.

The Video below shows the state of the baths internally and magnitude of the work that needs to be carried out.

Video by Jess Allen



  1. gerald cox says:

    How wonderful to see that my old village is rebounding again i really do miss it so much.I now live in Cumbria.but think of the baths, and oh how many times have i used the public phone outside the baths . I hope all your efforts go well .Gerald

  2. Colette Duggins says:

    fantastic ,that video has given me goose bumps!,I learnt to swim in Stirchley swimming baths . Happy memories of my mom taking myself and sister swimming there in the summer holidays .Wishing you luck .

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