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Last night I spoke at Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum about the Bath’s project. People were keen to know how the restoration is progressing, so I shared old photographs and recent ones to show how much progress has been made.

In June 2014 the roof of the Baths looked like this:

Roof views 005Roof views 006

In January 2015 it looks like this:


The roof lanterns will be fully finished by next month.


And the internal scaffolding in the main hall where the pool is, has now been removed:


I also spoke about this blog site. I want more people to blog. I want you to blog! 

This blog was created to share Stirchley residents’ passion for the community centre. It is also a place to share memories of Stirchley’s past and present day activities.

In March there will be opportunities to learn how to blog. Social surgeries will be organised (hopefully 3) to help people who’d like to share their stories. More details about when these sessions will happen will appear on Stirchley Baths Facebook page, Twitter @StirchleyBaths and via the Neighbourhood Forum.

It would be great to share old photos and memorabilia. If you have anything but don’t want to blog please get in touch if you’re happy for me to share them. Or bring them with you to the social surgeries in March.

A resident at the forum asked me about the floor plan for the community centre. Mark Sloane, the architect has kindly sent it to me. The first image is the most recent plan of the layout of the whole site. The second image is from early 2014, but shows in detail the intended uses of the rooms.

PM2585-111 Proposed Site Plan[1]


The Baths project is about to get even more exciting. We want as many people as possible to be part of it.

My email address is or you can message me on here or Stirchley Baths on Facebook or Twitter (@stirchleybaths).



  1. Hello Louise :) – Hello Everyone.
    This is getting exciting now. Looking amazing too!
    I have a really exciting idea/project for The Hub. I don’t want to reveal anything at this point…. But who is the best person / people to speak to with ideas and thoughts?
    Thanks in advance :)

    • louisedeakin says:

      Hello Malcolm, glad to see everyone is getting excited about the project. The person to talk to hasn’t yet been appointed. There will soon be a Heritage Officer. As part of the Heritage Lottery Funding they will manage heritage and community activities associated with the Baths. As soon as they are appointed I will make an announcement on here and Facebook and Twitter.

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