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A night out at the Baths!

If you were out and about around the Baths or Stirchley Park on Wednesday between 7 and 8.30 you may have seen (certainly heard?) a group of 18 young people on a youth club evening out to…. Stirchley Baths!

The previous week I met 11 of the young people up at the Den Youth House in Dawberry Road where we talked about possible history and heritage-related activities that they might be interested in getting involved with as part of the restoration project.

On Wednesday, armed with flip cams, they interviewed each other talking about the Baths. Here is some very rough and ready footage – busy roads, lots of excitement – but some useful insight into how these young people view the Baths.

The girls were really interested in the black and white pictures of the dancing taken in the 1940s and came up with the idea of organising a night of dancing back at the Baths – for the community!  It was great to see them talking about this on camera; about how they would enjoy talking to the older generation about the kind of dances they would have done there – and even learning some moves, and teaching older people some of their own!

Brian and Rowena from the Friends of Stirchley Park joined us to talk to the young people about possible future graffiti art work in the park which illustrated the history of Stirchley, including the baths. and we asked for a hands up who would like to be involved if the money can be raised? And that would be everyone then!

A massive thank you to youth workers Stuart and Martin for rallying up these brilliant young Stirchley-ites and thanks to everyone for their contributions.

Dancing at the Baths – thanks to Wendy Pearson

During the winter months in the 1940s, the swimming pool at Stirchley Baths was boarded over to create a dance floor and bands used to play.

Huge thanks to Wendy Pearson for these photographs that show this in action! Here’s Den Jones and his orchestra who were performing that night…

Do you have any stories or memories about dancing or watching a band at Stirchley Baths – or about anything in the Baths’ history? Leave a comment here or come along to our upcoming Splash Back In Time events:

  • Monday 11th March, 11am to 12.30pm, Stirchley library
  • Tuesday 19th March, 12.30pm to 4pm, Stirchley Community Centre

You can see a potted history of Stirchley Baths by clicking HERE – can you help to fill in the gaps?